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PfMP® Exam Book - 

Paper Version

Passing the PfMP® Exam: A Study Guide

Study Tips, Exam Solving Techniques, and Two Full Exam Question Sets



Second Edition

“Passing the PfMP Exam: A Study Guide” was developed to help you pass the Portfolio Management Professional Certification PfMP® exam on your first attempt. 

This book is created based on the “The Standard for Portfolio Management – Third Edition” which was PMI certified in 2013. Throughout this book, it will be referred to as the Standard Guide.  This book adopts all PMI publications related to the Portfolio Management that were created before the publication date of this edition.


This book is complementary to the Standard Guide; it describes many tips, helps you to remember many important standards, and provides you with a sense of the exam.


By presenting a strong and proven study plan that aids with the remembering and understanding of the core concepts, and by providing the examinees with exam tips and tricks that help them grow a sense of what the exam is testing for, Passing the PfMP® Exam: A Study Guide paves the road for candidates to succeed in their examinations.


This book has unique figures to visualize the portfolio management knowledge areas and their relation with the portfolio management process groups. 


Another unique feature of the book is that it creates cross references to the common input/output, key deliverables, and common tools and techniques across the sixteen portfolio management processes.

Furthermore, there are many tips and two full exam question sets; 170 questions each, with enough explanation to understand the right answer.  This technique makes you more ready for the exam and more acquainted with the expected tricks.


This book is different from others as it was created by the author who passed the PfMP® exam after the pilot period was finished and the exam became mature enough to continue with the same skeleton.  Therefore, it reflects the flavor of the questions that you are going to see on the exam today.  Besides, it covers different examples of each type of the commonly found questions on the current PfMP® exam model; including the regular question, table question, and question set.


As a portfolio manager, your practical experience will help you a lot to pass the exam, and it is a critical success factor of your readiness to the exam.  However, in this book, you will find a major support to orient you to the examination philosophy that you will face.


PMP, PgMP, and PfMP are registered trademarks by PMI.

This book is not related to PMI or licensed by PMI.


 The Second Edition offers major enhancements on the content and restructures the book to further increase the candidate’s readiness for the exam.  The title of The Second Edition changed from “Passing the PfMP® Exam the First Time” to “Passing the PfMP® Exam: A Study Guide”.


The book gives you an opportunity to test yourself by having the exam questions listed all together, so, you can pass through them as if you are in the exam.  On the other hand, it gives the opportunity to review the exam results or study by having the question followed by its answer for the full exam in another separate section.

​If you need to test yourself or study a particular Domain, you can still get the same questions listed in Exam (1) and Exam (2), ordered by Domain name in Appendix (A).

This book consists of three parts:

  • Part 1: Study Tips and Exam Solving Techniques

    • Portfolio Management

    • Portfolio Management Inputs and Outputs

    • Portfolio Management Tools and Techniques

    • Portfolio Strategic Management

    • Portfolio Governance Management

    • Portfolio Performance Management

    • Portfolio Communication Management

    • Portfolio Risk Management

    • Exam Tips

    • Closing

  • Part 2: Exam 1 (170 Question)

    • Exam 1 – 170 Question

    • 1 – 170 Answer

  • Part 3: Exam 2 (170 Question)

    • Exam 2 – 170 Question

    • 2 – 170 Answer


Please note that each question answer has the following:

  • The Right Answer

  • Standard Guide Reference: this is referring to “The Standard for Portfolio Management – Third Edition” which is a PMI certified book.

  • Clarification and Tips: this is the most important part of the answer as it describes the reasons for selecting the right answer and eliminating the other three choices.

  • Knowledge Area

  • Process Group


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Passing the PfMP Exam - A Study Guide



Passing the PfMP Exam - A Study Guide
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