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Passing the PgMP® Exam: A Study Guide

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Review on Linkedin 25-Sep-2017


Lessons Learned from a new Program Management Professions (PgMP) certified professional

Alok  ****


Hello All,

I passed my PgMP on 18 Sep 2017. Indeed this certificate is one of the best in the industry which helps in coaching experienced program managers on how to manage program better and provide greater benefits to the organization.



Below I am sharing how I prepared the exam and what material I used. Before that I would like to share that I have serious problem reading Textbooks. I consider PMBOK & SPM as textbooks and it was very difficult for me to read them multiple times. I knew my strong points and weak point while preparing the exam and developed different process than people usually use. Please understand your learning style and use right tools. This is my experience and based on my strength and weakness.


  • I got Mohammad Leithy’s Passing the PgMP exam – A Study guide latest version. I thought it’s just question bank but it was actually a good study guide. I like his charts which helped me clarifying many doubts and they were point to point. No fluff only important stuff.

  • After that I did his question bank again & again till I reached 90% above.

  • I again did Dharama’s question bank many times (till I reached 90%)

  • I started Leithy’s second question back and kept doing it till I reached 90%

  • I also want to highlight after every practice test I read Leithy’s book word by word.


  • I also got Ginger’s book 2 days back and did all practice question after each topic (around 180 questions). I found them a bit hard so I didn’t do her practice exam.

  • Before the exam I completed Dharam’s & leithy’s both QB one more time in fast track mode.



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5.0 out of 5 starsAt last a comprehensive study material for PgMP exam Preparation

By  Salman ****** 

Great book! What makes this book different is that unlike other books out in the market it is not just a collection of exam questions, rather it contains;
1. Material in compliance with PMI's The Standard for Program Management - Third Edition
2. Pragmatic tips on critical topics
2. Visual aids that are a big help to clarify some very complex concepts.

5.0 out of 5 stars: very helpful compilation

By  Amazon-Kunde


This is a very helpful compilation. It contains great visuals and offers a great structured view of the content.

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